7 Great Tips to Help You Write Essay Like Never Before

Do you want to know the easy tips that can help you to write an essay like never before? Read on to know the 7 vital tips.

  1. Read and Write, Read and Write
    Confused? It simply infers that you require going back and reading the paragraph which you have just written before you begin writing the next paragraph. The fact is that it is crucial to link paragraphs together, which can be done via reading what you have just written. Additionally, it can help you with words for your next paragraph.
  2. Focus on the backbone of your essay
    Even though the entire essay is vital, still you need to lay special focus on the introduction, the first sentences of each paragraph and the conclusion. It will actually help in impressing the reader and getting brownie marks.
  3. Plan the entire essay in your head
    Before you pick up a pen or start typing in your laptop, it is crucial to plan or get the entire essay together in your head. Decide how you want to start, what topics you want to cover and how you want to conclude. This will avoid confusions and you can shape up your essay well.
  4. Do not write too much
    In most of the exams, essays usually have a lower limit, but not an upper limit. Refrain yourself from writing too much. In fact, limit your essay to 350 to 400 words. If you write less, you can go back to your essay and read it time and again. If you write less, your examiner will be interested in reading your essay and you will be making fewer mistakes.
  5. Use Examples
    When you write an essay, use examples to explain your point! It will be easier than giving complex explanations. Simply make sure that the examples are relevant.
  6. Be Clear and Precise
    Often, to show the examiner that you are smart, you end up using complex words or give wrong explanations or examples. So, do not try to be smart and present the wrong idea. Instead, be clear and present your ideas in a precise manner. It doesn’t matter if your ideas are simple or cliché.
  7. Know yourself
    You surely know what mistakes you are probably going to make. For instance, you may not be good in grammar or spellings. So, make sure to check for the mistakes and do correct them before submitting your essay.

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Kiera Lashey

Writing essay in concise is a tough job to do! I mean, I know whole a lot about my topic and theme and I find it extremely tough to cover everything in brief.


these tips are good but not easy to start working on them.

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