Completing your MBA assignments? These 5 practical tips will help you to avoid errors

Are you trying to create MBA assignments that are immaculate and error free? If you think it is a dream that is difficult to accomplish, well, let me tell you it isn’t herculean as you presume. If you take care of a few things in advance, you can create assignments which will help you to avoid errors and ensure that without having to work on repeated attempts, you are creating work that is ready submit as it has practically error free:

  • Be very thorough with your subject matter: The first thing to remember is to have a sound subject knowledge of your specialised area of subject. When your fundamental concepts are strong, it becomes easy to write any kind of assignments and at the same time flawlessly.
  • Read as much as you can: You need to do a lot of studies so that you can write an ideal assignment. The study material can be retrieved from a lot of sources, such as websites, journals, books, blogs, magazines and so on. There are specialised blogs available online that can be used by MBA students.
  • Elaborate pictorially wherever possible: You need to give more and more diagrams and practical examples from the industry wherever possible to support your answer. Theories such as SWOT, BCG, Porter’s Five forces, Boston Matrix are some of the models which can be applied in MBA assignments to make them more meaningful and the content more worthy and easy to understand by all.
  • Do multiple proofreads: It is the job of a sincere student to ensure that his work is completely error free before he tries to submit it. For achieving this level of perfection, you may have to proofread your assignment many number of times so that errors like grammatical, spelling, punctation, sentence construction and others are avoided to the best possible capacity. There are proofreading softwares that are available online which can be used in support of the manual attempts made.
  • Use proper formatting: It is very much necessary to write correctly and support it with accurate formatting for assignment papers. All universities give definite formatting guidelines for their students. A lot of students ignore these which is a big blunder. It is a good idea to take advice of seniors and faculty about subject specialisation. You may even have a look at the sample assignments of some of the old students. Take special care of indexing and page numbers in your MBA assignments. When you write in a systematic manner, the work always gets produced in an error free style.

Nice article! reading always helps! An avid reader has knowledge in abundance.


proofreading and formatting consume the most time...even though they seem to be little procedures.. so its better to get them before time

Ramona S.

Multiple proofreading doesn't really help. Everytime I read, I find everything corrected is done wrong.


The idea of adding pictorial explanation is new to me and I will use it for my MBA assignment.

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