Confirming Thoroughness of a Thesis

Once the thesis has been written, the student will then have to check the thoroughness of the explanations that he has given. Remember, the student has made some bold suggestions at the start of the report in his opening statement. Now he has to justify those remarks. And he cannot just casually justify those remarks by using fancy language. He has to present facts, figures, examples, illustrations, quotes and surveys to prove his point. So when all has been written and edited, the student needs to read it once more to check if his arguments carry the weight they deserve.

It would be a good idea to have the dissertation guide look over the project. If the student does not have a dissertation guide then he can always have a professional academic support company carry out this analysis. The student has to consider if the content has answered the primary question posed by the thesis. Are there any loopholes which can be found by the dissertation committee? Does the study add to the existing body of literature already found in the discipline? The student should also check if there are ways in which the content can be improved. Only when he is fully satisfied should be submit the report to the review board.

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