Editing and the Art of Reading Aloud

A writer has just finished preparing the content. Now the next task that faces him is making sure that the content is perfect; the task of editing. The writer is obviously tired from preparing the content. The best thing for him is to take a break and walk away for a while from his work. Once his mind is fresh and he is no longer exhausted, he should come back to what he has written. Then he should slowly start reading it.

It is very easy for the writer to ignore his own mistakes, gloss them over or not even notice them. After all he wrote the material. He wrote whatever thoughts were in his head. It would be natural for him to assume that the reader would understand whatever he has written. But the writer should realise that this is not true. So how can the writer put himself in the shoes of the reader and approach the content as though he was laying eyes upon it for the first time. This is hard, but there is a way.

The writer should read the content aloud. He should carefully pronounce each word and not neglect any part of the sentence. He should also take care to pause for every punctuation mark. No doubt the writer would be a little tired and perhaps even a little bored having just written the content. He might not feel like going through it one more time. This is where the reading aloud part comes in handy. It shakes away the inertia in his body and gets him alert for the task at hand. The writer will soon realise that this method enables him to spot mistakes faster and not miss anything. Thus, reading aloud is a valuable technique that all writers, editors and proofreaders should use.

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