Essay Writing – Organise Your Thought Process

It is the perception of some people that essay writing is innate or in other words, it is an inborn talent. You would be surprised when you realize that this is not true. All you need to do is to develop your skills in order to be able to write an essay. The organization of your thoughts is what differentiates a good essay from a poor one.

Remember Some Things

Before writing an essay, remember that there are no bad readers, but that there are only poor writers. The organization of your thoughts must, therefore, be such that your readers will not find it difficult to understand the meanings of the sentences that have been written by you.

Create an Outline

You have to divide your essay into the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Just as you would not build a house without a blueprint, you would also not be able to write an essay without creating its outline. You might find this step tedious, but this is highly necessary for completing the essay. Essays that are disorganized are the result of a lack of proper planning by the writer. Remember that the more the number of details in your essay, the faster your writing speed would be.

Write the Essay

You can begin writing your essay once your outline has been written by you. Once you have finished writing your outline, the tough task is behind you. The end result would be an essay that is not only complete, but also coherent in nature.


You have to proofread your essay once it is done. This is because nothing is worse than an essay with grammatical and spelling errors. You could also use your peers as your proofreaders since you would realize that you cannot proofread your essay yourself without overlooking some errors.

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