Essay Writing Simplified

Essay writing is like an art with some rules, there is however some pre requisites for essay writing. Consider these points when you have to write an essay:

Before you pick a pen to write you should have a fresh perspective, a clear mind and genuine content. Write first thing you have on your mind just to start. Collect and analyze all the information taken from all the sources, but put your own opinion about all those stuff. You should stick to the topic because relevance is important. Identify the keywords to focus for your essay.

Always remember:

Opening paragraph is most important.
Research: Your thesis statement may even change after what you read. Research can be overwhelming.
Coming to the content of essay the introduction should be brief: shorter than 6-7 sentences. You should spend the first paragraph covering the ground you intend to incorporate in the essay. In the body paragraph write about your topic like facts and proof. Compare and contrast and add any additional information to prove your point. Always connect ideas, facts, and quotes together. Make a connection. Using linking words at the beginning of paragraphs will help readers check the development of your essay, like- Thus, furthermore, however, consequently etc. The concluding paragraph must return to the topic or issue that was raised at the first part of the essay and draw a conclusion and figure out what questions your essay answers. Conclusion means you should restate your thesis in different words.

Always remember:

Don’t add any new information or facts in conclusion, sum up your ideas and never end with a question.

You should never use more than 3 quotes in a single essay and when you pick a quote, somehow it has to prove your thesis.

Always cite your sources. This absolutely a skill and requires practice.

When you are finished writing Edit your work if it’s needed. Do a lot of rewriting. Ask your friends or colleagues to read your writing for their fair opinion. Read aloud when you’ve finished writing and make sure you can retell what you wrote.

Always Remember:

Check the essay for proper grammar and spelling.

Clarity is proportional to the depth of understanding. Writing improves the depth of understanding and improves clarity.

But, above all, practice!

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