How to Keep Your Assignments Free of Plagiarism

When it is about writing an academic assignment, originality is of utmost importance. Your ideas and thoughts presented in an academic assignment must be your own. If you copy the ideas of another author, then it could lead to serious plagiarism. Remember that plagiarism has no place in writing and it is a crime to introduce plagiarism in your work. Thus, it is critical to keep your assignments free of it and always give credit to the original author whenever you are inspired by their thoughts or work. Check out some ways you could avoid plagiarism in your assignments.

Understanding plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism, it is very important to understand the way it happens. Plagiarism may occur intentionally or unintentionally. However, you can easily avoid it if you give credit to a writer for quoting their words in your work. If you are inspired from some ideas and paraphrase them without acknowledging the original writer, then you may commit plagiarism. Plagiarism can be avoided only when it is first acknowledged.

Citing your sources

You make easily avoid plagiarism if you cite the sources you referred. Citation and referencing in the right style can help you remove plagiarism in your assignment. You must follow the citation style that has been recommended by your academic institution.

Using quotation marks

Whenever you use the idea or words of an author, make sure to put them under double quotation marks. This indicates that you are using the content from another writer. It is also essential to give proper credit to that author by mentioning their name against the quotation.

Maintaining originality

The more original are your ideas, the less likely your assignment will contain plagiarism. Therefore, it is always in your favor to remain creative and authentic while writing an academic assignment.

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