Research Methodology Assignment as Dissertation Proposal- How to write this assignment

Writing research methodology assignment as dissertation proposal is quite tricky. It forms a key part of your dissertation. The methodology is going to the define the broad philosophical underpinning for your selected research methods, which includes whether you are utilizing quantitative methods, qualitative methods or a mixture or both, and why you have chosen the research methods.

You need to be absolutely clear about the academic basis for the all the selections of the research methodologies which you have made. Let us now discuss how to write this assignment.

What to include in the research methodology assignment

Ensure that your research methodology links back to the literature for explaining why you are utilizing certain methods and the academic basis of your selection. When you write the assignment as dissertation proposal, you need to include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Methods and sources
  3. Timeline
  4. Conclusion
  5. About the author section
  6. Bibliography or work cited

Even though the drafts of your research methodology assignment may not be graded, still it needs to be complete. At a minimum, you need adding contents for each of sections which are above listed. The scholars or students who submit drafts that showcase very little effort on their part will be pronounced incomplete and their grade may be deducted from the overall grade from the assignment.

An exceptional research methodology assignment will contain:

  1. A creative, relevant and interesting introduction powerful enough for instantly catching the attention of the readers. The introduction needs to clearly identify the topic and requires concluding with either a research question or a hypothesis.
  2. Clear selection and expression of the topic of your assignment
  3. Strong transitions between ideas and sentences, which produce prose that are organic and fluid
  4. Use of concise and clear language and significant attention of various details
  5. Strong control of sentence structure, syntax, diction, word choice, language, style and authoritative voice in writing
  6. At least 6 well developed sections that create a strong underlying structure for the assignment, which include an introduction, work cited, about author section, conclusion, timeline, methods and sources and introduction.
  7. A conclusion that perfectly synthesizes with all the sections of the assignment. You also need to thoughtfully address the broader implications
  8. Just make sure to write the assignment in a clear, concise and powerful manner and you can sure to grab the attention and appreciations of the readers!
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