The Approach to Writing a Methodology

After the student has stated his reasons for carrying out the research, he has to state how he is going to be doing the research. This is the part of the report known as the research methodology. This chapter is typically written after the literature review.

The student needs to show in this chapter that he has a structured way of proving his hypothesis and that he is simply not arriving at his conclusions on a whim. The reader needs to be given a comprehensive description on every aspect of the methodology. Even the smallest details should not be left out. This is a part that review committees look very closely at, and if they feel that there are some loopholes then they can be particularly hard on the student.

The student needs to link his hypothesis, his methods of research and the conclusions he has arrived at. Otherwise questions will be asked as to where he got his data from if his methods were incomplete. Aspects like survey duration, sample size, homogeneity of the units in a sample, and instruments used in the investigation should all be described in a clear and succinct language. The justification for using certain methods and not other ones should also be explained in detail.

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