The Structure of a Thesis

The research has been done, the statistics have been analyzed and information has been compiled. Now the next step is to write it in a neatly presentable format. This is where the structure of the thesis gets a great deal of importance. Many students lose marks just because they were unable to present their thoughts in a professional structure. After all, the report is what the review boards are going to read. They will not be impressed with the strength of the research if the structure and formatting of the thesis is lackluster.

It is a good idea to present similar ideas next to each other in the report. This way both the writer and the reader will be able to keep track of the flow of the report. It is essential to have a coherent introduction and a strong conclusion. Often the last chapter is what is remembered by the reader once he puts the report down. Therefore, it should be attention grabbing.

Illustrations, graphs and charts should be used wherever possible. A picture is worth a thousand words. Keep the language and sentences simple, but professional. A writer should not get the reader confused by using overly complicated language.

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Hey. I'm baffled about the figures, charts, and tables I have prepared for my thesis. Do I need to prepare another list like I did for table of contents?

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