Three Tips to Writing an Effective Literature Review

Literature review lays down the objective of your research and is the framework for your thesis. It also exhibits your vast knowledge and ability to critically analyze, compare and summarize the views given by different authors. Here are three important tips to make your literature review effective.

Select an appropriate issue

The key to writing a good literature review is, in selecting an issue which is not only interesting and bold, but has supporting documentation to be referred. Secondly, if the issue has been well discussed and there are several authors who have contributed to the topic, then try to confine your research to a few books to collect relevant data, rather than referring too many books.

Search intensively for the literature

After the topic has been selected, don’t just get confined to a book to write the review, refer multiple books, journal, and e-books. To get appropriate search results in the world wide web, use appropriate keywords. This will narrow down your search and give you relevant results.

Critical analysis

While composing the literature review, don’t just jot down the concepts from the books, compare the views given by different authors on the issue and bring out the contrast in them. If there are authors who have given similar views, group them and conclude the view. Relate your research work to previous studies that have been done in the field and identify the gaps in the research. Finally, summarize your literature review by expressing your thoughts on the subject.

It is important to organize your thoughts and draft the literature review before you start writing, it helps in maintaining a logical flow of thoughts. Thus, the above tips are a broad guideline to write a literature review which identifies the contrast in theories, raises appropriate questions and identifies new areas for research.

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