Urgent Assignments – 5 Tips for Last Moment Blues

Large numbers of people suffer from last moment blues at the time of submission of their urgent assignments. If you want to avoid it, read on to know the 5 crucial tips that will help you keep last moments blues at bay!

  1. Proofread the Assignment Again
    In the last moment blues, you often fear whether or not your assignment will be accepted by your guide. You dread that your guide will find spelling errors, formatting mistakes, grammatical errors, referencing mistakes and so on. To ensure that your assignment is error-free, you can proofread your assignment again days before submitting it. You even plan to hire external proofreaders, who are well-versed in writing and editing assignments. They will go through your assignment to ensure that it does not contain any mistake.
  2. Double check the assignment delivery date
    Do not simply believe in your colleague or a peer that informs you about the date of submission of the document. Do ensure to crosscheck the submission date. Your peer may unknowingly inform you about the wrong date or you may hear it incorrectly. Whatever the circumstance, do be assured only when you get a confirmation via mail. You can even ask your mentor or concerned officials about the date of submission.
  3. Get information where to submit the assignment
    Often students make the mistake of not extracting information where to submit their assignment. So, during the submission date, they find themselves confused and anxious and roam around to discover the room where they need to submit their assignments. Do not make the same mistake. Get prior information where you need to submit your assignment and the timing as well! It will help you avoid last minute blues and you can remain calm and corrected with all the information you require.
  4. Do not discuss your assignment with your peers
    If you discuss your assignment with your colleagues or peers at the last moment, they may end up making suggestions or pointing errors. You may end up being confused or anxious. Always remember that you know your assignment better and have prepared to your best possible capability. Additionally, your thought process may differ with your peers. So, why discuss your assignment and take up unnecessary headache?
  5. Stay Calm
    When you have written your assignment and have proofread it and have all the information you need at your hand, just chill. You have done your work and now it is up to the mentors. You have no role in it, so just stay calm!
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I guess its right to not to discuss your assignment with your peer group coz most of the time they end up demotivating you rather than encouraging you.


The tips are indeed good but what if I don't have the time to proofread the assignment?

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