Why Accounting Assignments are Scoring

In order to obtain good grades in academic institutions, it is very much required to score well in academic assignments, which are given to the students. There are several areas of management studies, which students take up in the due course of the enrolment in any particular academic programme. Now, if all of the domains of management are looked upon, then it can be visualized that from scoring perspective, all of the management domains are not equally scoring. The major reason behind this is the hidden subjectivity of the domains, which is easily reflected in the answers given by the students. For domains like economics, organizational behavior, human resource, strategic management, business ethics, there is not a single definite answer for any particular question, as the answers are solely dependent on the perspectives of the students, assumptions made by them, and the based on the context. Therefore, scores vary largely depending on the quality of answers, and again subjectivity comes into picture. Among all of these domains, accounting is an area, where the answers are not context driven, based on specific set of formulae, and are totally quantitative in nature.

If the domain of accounting can be seen at large, then it can be experienced that the entire field of accounting is dependent on several financial reports like balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and consolidated financial statement. There are some specific rules, which bind all of these reports, and therefore, consistency in one ensures the consistency in all. If a student can match the figures of balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement, by following the accounting standards properly, then the student can score full marks in that assignment. That is the reason behind the popularity of accounting among the management students. For more information about nature of accounting assignments, kindly browse through the pages of www.24X7assignments.com.

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