Writing An Assignment Abstract

An assignment abstract is the summarisation of your assignment. When you write an abstract, you would be able to identify the main points of your assignment. Neither is it an excerpt of your paper nor is it an evaluation of the same. In fact, it is a text that is both original as well as that, which includes keywords. Here is how you should write an assignment abstract.

Write your assignment first

Even though an abstract is always presented at the beginning of any research work, it serves as the summary of the entire work. It will not introduce the topic of your assignment but will give people an overview of what has been written in it. Save the writing of the abstract for the last since it will always go in only after you have finished writing your assignment. An assignment and an abstract may be different things but an abstract always reviews the results and the methods of the assignment.

Review the requirements of the abstract

The assignment you are about to write or have already penned may have a specific audience. Moreover, it may have specific requirements and guidelines. Before writing the abstract, keep in mind the various guidelines including the number of words it should have, the style requirements as well as the reason behind writing this abstract – whether it is going to help you publish your assignment in the form of a journal article or not.

Consider your audience

Abstracts are written so that people can find your work easily. For instance, in journals, abstracts let readers decide quickly whether the research can help them and whether it is relevant to their own interests. Also, go through your own abstract once to determine whether the other academics in your field of work will read it or not. Determine whether the abstract of your assignment should be accessible to laypersons or not.

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