Writing Tips That Will Save You from Formatting the Document

Time is never sufficient, especially when you are writing your dissertation. There is data analysis, charts & graphs, appendix, reference and many more important sections to take care of at the last minute. But, formatting the word document to make it visually appealing is equally important. Here is a basic guideline that you can follow to make formatting easier.

Use format painter

All the sections of the dissertation file should be in the same format, but when you compile it from different files, saved in different formats, you end up with additional task of formatting the document. Use format painter to copy paste the formatting style throughout the document.

Set style before you start writing

Style is a collection of formatting information in a word document. There are many built-in styles which can be used or you can customize them as per your preference. This is useful, especially when it is set before you can start writing. When you have to write in a group, you can ask other members to use the same style while writing. This will save you from formatting when you compile the final document.

Understand the structure of the word

Documents created in word have one or more sections; each section has one or more paragraphs and every paragraph has one or more characters. When you use any non-navigational key like a space or tab, word treats them as characters. These are hidden characters which can be made visible. Now when you copy paste or drag the text from one section to another you will be able to move the formatting information along with the text.

When creating documents in a word, it is always better to fix define the formatting rules, before you start writing, rather than trying to fix the styles after the document is created. Thus, by adopting the above tips while writing your dissertation, you can save time in formatting the document.

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