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Valuation of Coca Cola Company as on 30th June, 2011

This sample report presents a valuation of market capitalization of Coca-Cola Inc. In an attempt to give a fair estimation, various approaches are employed such as Market Value Added, Economic Value Added, etc. The fact and data sheets are also attached in the Excel file with graphical representation.

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Case Study Analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation

This case study lays stress on the ‘Recall’ crisis of Toyota that highlighted the lack of effective human resource management policies and reporting structure. The analysis is done basis the legal, social & cultural aspects of the organization.

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An Assignment on Manufacturing Strategy

A strong manufacturing strategy is one of the key factors for growth of an organization. This case assignment highlights the theories and applications relating to manufacturing strategy of General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation. The report is enclosed with a PowerPoint presentation.

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Interpretation of Kureishi Works in the Context of Cultural Differences between the Old and New Generations

A study that attempts to employ a multicultural approach to interpret the cultural conflicts in old and new generation. In this dynamic cultural environment, the authors strive to explore the reasons for cultural conflicts and how they have been resolved.

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